10 best spa resorts in Coxs Bazar

Top 10 Luxury Spa Resorts in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Giving yourself some time to relax and unwind over the holidays is just what you need after a long, hectic, and monotonous work schedule. Roaming around different places can help enhance relaxation since this will bring you closer to nature. If you are seeking a good spot with an aesthetic view of the ocean, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, is without a doubt the best location to go to.

Imagine being able to enjoy the surf while getting personal treatment. Spa resorts allow you to enjoy the atmosphere while getting pampered yourself. There is a list of the top 10 best spa resorts that are currently accessible in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

DERA Resort & SPA

When you visit DERA Resort & Spa in Inani, Cox's Bazar, you'll find a peaceful retreat where you can relax and experience the benefits of being in intimate contact with nature. We make sure that touring couples, families, and businesses all have a wonderful time. In this little heaven-like corner of the earth, enjoy the peace and beauty of the hills on one side and the vastness of the sea on the other.

The amenities you might enjoy:

Sayeman Beach Resort

Sayeman Beach Resort was Cox's Bazar's first private hotel. The resort has been modernized while retaining its legendary status. The resort has rooms with views of the sea, beach surfing, water sports, a Thai spa, great food, and space for events.

You can enjoy its mesmerizing facilities:

Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

Ocean Paradise is a luxury resort with great facilities and tasty food. Imagine waking up to daylight on a tropical sea's horizon. Mountains and coral reef islands are great locations to unwind and enjoy nature.

Amazing attractions are available for you, such as:

Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

From this resort, you can see rolling green hills to the east and an infinite sea to the west. This 15-acre retreat is 40 minutes away from Cox's Bazar. Their enticing services include:

Hotel The Cox Today

The Bay of Bengal panorama and the hotel's high standard of elegance have made this privately owned 5-Star Standard hotel a local favorite. This hotel is a popular choice for newlyweds, international guests, and business clients because of its great services and amenities.

Their range of offerings includes:

Best Western Heritage

The US-based global hotel chain in Cox's Bazar, Best Western Inc. (BWI), has been in this industry for a long time and has been managing this property since its inception. The hotel is set among lush green hills, with the world's longest sea beach and balmy weather year-round.

The services you may find convenient:

Seagull Hotels Ltd.

At Seagull, the elegant rooms and suites are ideal for a holiday. High-end facilities and the generosity of Bangladeshis make the sea, hills, and shrub trees even more magnificent.

Here are some of their offered luxuries:

Grace Cox Smart Hotel

The hotel is exquisite, with eye-catching interiors and comfortable rooms. The hotel will offer all associated services to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. The range of facilities you can have:

Hotel Sea Crown

The hotel is about 100 meters from the Kolatoli intersection, making it a handy starting point or ending destination for beachgoers. The traditional hospitality of warmth, friendliness, and attractiveness has been coupled with the hotel's stunning design to create a 3-Star Deluxe establishment.

The facilities they provide:

Mermaid Beach Resort

Reconnect with nature at the resort's suites and cottages. Every room has handcrafted details. The resort's tented roofs, bamboo walls, and teak finishes depict nature's profusion. Their amenities:

These resorts provide a whole retreat. From spa treatments to customized outdoor adventures, you'll feel rejuvenated and energized for life. Take a relaxing break with loved ones at the finest SPA Resorts of your choice in Cox's Bazar.

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