Places You Can Visit in Monsoon in Bangladesh: Travel in the Nature

After the scorching summer, nature introduces the rainy season with relief. Every year the outdoor enthusiast waits for this peaceful weather to visit several places.

That being said, Bangladesh has a lot of places you can visit in monsoon when it comes to scenic beauty. Not each one is suited for giving you the optimum experience of nature. So we are here with the list to give you some of the best suggestions.

Pack your bags to blend into nature in this misty, rainy weather.

Best Places to Visit in Monsoon in Bangladesh for Travelers

Rain is not enjoyable when you are around concrete surroundings. If you are that person who loves the smell of the soil during heavy rain, you have to visit a place filled with nature. Our suggestions of places to visit in rainy seasons are:

Dera Resort and Spa Center

Cox’s Bazar

Bordered by splashing waves and the most exhilarating sunsets, Cox’s Bazar makes the ultimate getaway destination! Your time will be well spent walking along the shores of the longest sea beach in the entire world.

Beaches, ocean waves, fresh seafood- there's no shortage of experiencing exciting things in Cox’s Bazar.

And if you are visiting Cox’s Bazar during the monsoon, visit Dera Resort at Cox’s Bazar, with much more facilities on board. They offer different packages for the tourist along with a conference room facility, restaurant, and swimming pool.

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Sylhet

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Sylhet

If you are up for a long-distance trip, Ratargul Swamp forest can be the perfect destination for experiencing the monsoon. It is one of the very few freshwater swamp forests around the globe. Also, it is a natural tourist attraction in Bangladesh.

Ratargul is located in the Gowain River, 26 km away from the center of Sylhet. During the rainy season, the water from Assam floods the area, which brings the celestial beauty this place holds.

Boating through the forest will enable you to experience diverse plants and animals. The birds chirping, rain-dropping sounds on the leaves, and all the scenery as a whole will give you magical exposure to nature.

Bichanakandi, Sylhet

Bichanakandi, Sylhet

It is another monsoon beauty in Sylhet. Real beauty comes at its peak level during the rainy season. Water comes from the stream of the Seven Sisters in Meghalaya.

Pathways on each side of the river are filled with rocks. And this area has majestic waterfalls which definitely get the most tourist attraction. Also, the view of the Khasi mountains touching the clouds is absolutely breathtaking.

Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj

Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj

Want to get the full thrill of the monsoon? Then pay a visit to Tanguar Haor during the rain. Here, the landscape you encounter will amaze you at first glance. The panoramic experience is something out of this world during the sunrise and sunset.

Besides, the whole water in this place replicates its color as the sky changes. Boating along the water will allow you to feel this location’s vastness and beauty.

And, if you want the full enjoyment, find yourself a boat, spend a night on it, and look at the star-filled sky.

Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake

In South Asia, Kaptai is the largest man-made lake. It is so vast that you will not be able to visit all the spots in Kaptai in a single day. There are several spots for tourists to visit.

Wherever you look, the horizon will touch big mountains. The sky replicates its beauty on the water of Kaptai.

To get the best experience of Kaptai, you can hire a trawler with a guide to visit the different places throughout the day. This is one of the beautiful places to visit in the monsoon. On the way back, you can pay a visit to Rangamati hill station in Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Months Are the Monsoon Season in Bangladesh?
The Monsoon in Bangladesh starts in June and lasts through the middle of October. During this time, the most rainfall occurs in Bangladesh.
Is It Safe to Travel in Monsoon?
It is a fact that the weather is not predictable during the rainy season. Taking precautions is a great measure to avoid any accidents. Such as landslides can occur during monsoon; therefore, avoid visiting those areas.

Enjoy The Boundless Beauty of Bangladesh in Monsoon

The places you can visit during Monsoon in Bangladesh are limitless. We have just listed the best ones, but you can go around a few more places. Make sure to be safe if you are looking to trek during monsoon season.

However, Dera Resort can lend you a hand if you are having trouble staying during your journey. We offer the best experience of both worlds: a luxury resort and a warming spa. What could be better than this in a rainy season?

Anyway, think about the experience you would love to have from your next travel destination and select the place accordingly.

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