Top Relaxing & Dining Experience at Dera Resort: Smoky BBQ near Dhaka

Spending leisurely evenings with your dear ones in a meticulously crafted serene setting is already a thrilling prospect. Now, imagine this experience without the distractions of the city's commotion and commotion. It sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Dera Resort & Spa in Manikganj presents the perfect solution to turn your fantasy of a delightful BBQ experience into reality, whether it's during weekends or weekdays, all just a stone's throw away from Dhaka. Offering contemporary amenities, reasonable pricing, and a warm and accommodating staff, Dera invites you to forge everlasting memories under the twinkling night sky, all while immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of nature.

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Smoky BBQ near Dhaka

What is So Amazing About Dera’s BBQ Spot?

Well, experience is at the core. But there are too many to mention. Below is a small list.

  • Specialized space allocations for individuals, groups, couples, and families.
  • Effective lighting allows nature to do the most work in ambience creation.
  • We serve only "Halal" meats. Also, we have solutions for vegetarians.
  • Not to mention, with vast greeneries and natural waterbodies in the surrounding, the full moon’s beauty is a goosebump generator.
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BBQ Spot at Dera Resort

Discovering the Ultimate BBQ Experience

  • World-class chefs are capable of meeting your tastes, from spicy to juicy.
  • Bar-B-Qs are prepared with only fresh and local meats and vegetables.
  • The culinary adventure is not limited to BBQ items; you can order any item from our regular menu.
  • Our master chef is always ready to take any specialized order from you.
  • The whole dining experience is integrated with music and fun activities; there is no chance to become bored.
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Meeting Every Occasional Need

  • Individuals' or couples' night out.
  • Family gathering.
  • Groups of any kind: students, professionals, only girls, housewives, bachelors, etc.
  • Dear’s BBQ spot is also suitable for birthday celebrations, pre-marriage family meetings, corporate nights out, etc.
  • Cultural events.
  • Day & night, we offer both. However, a night session is more enjoyable.
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How to Book?

Please follow the below step-by-step guidelines.

  • Contact us via hotline (8801896001212), fill out the form, or live chat.
  • Please inform us of your requirements: the number of persons, preferred BBQ items, drinks, customized seating arrangements, etc.
  • We will conduct a short analysis and come up with the pricing.
  • If you have a fixed budget, just let us know. We will meet that one (with some adjustments or alternative suggestions).
  • Make the payment by using a credit card, debit card, cash, or any mobile money app. In this case, if you have any special requests, like paying when you are at the location in Manikganj, let us know.
  • Inform us of your arrival time (approximately). We ensure readiness in advance.
  • Enjoy your BBQ night.
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Why Choose Dera Resort's Smoky BBQ Facility?

  • A chance to coexist with nature as the surrounding area is full of natural elements.
  • The charges won’t break the bank.
  • We will conduct a short analysis and come up with the pricing.
  • No noise, no pollution, no outsiders.
  • The "home away from home" will make you a frequent visitor.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Transport facilities.
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Transport facilities

What else Dera Resort & Spa Offers?

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People Also Ask

How do I go to Dera Resort & Spa?
The location is just 1 hour away from Dhaka city. Set directions in your phone’s GPS or Google Maps using this link: Click Here.
What is the minimum accommodation price at Dera Resort?
The per-night minimum price is BDT 10,000 (USD 115).
What is the minimum package price for a group?
It depends on the occupancy and requirements. Contact us to get pricing and discounts.
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