Venue for corporate events near Dhaka

DERA Resort & Spa is your premier choice for corporate event venues near Dhaka. With unparalleled elegance, a serene environment, and a range of facilities designed for success. We guarantee a seamless blend of work and leisure for your next corporate gathering.

From conferences to seminars, our venue for corporate events, such as the spacious Shova Banquet Hall and well-equipped meeting rooms, accommodate diverse corporate needs. Plan your corporate event with us and enjoy the perfect blend of work & relaxation at DERA Resort & Spa.

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Luxurious accommodations for event participants

Ensure a luxurious & comfortable stay for your corporate event participants near Dhaka with our diverse accommodation options. Choose from Heritage Cottages, Hub Cottages, Superior Family Cottages, VIP Cottages, Golf View Cottages, and Lakeside Cottages, each offering a unique blend of luxury and tranquility.

Heritage Cottage
3 Rooms
10,000 Tk, $95 / NIGHT
Hub Cottage
4 Rooms
15,000 Tk, $165 / NIGHT
Superior Family Cottage
2 & 3 Beds
18,000 Tk, $163 / NIGHT
President Cottage
3 Rooms
50,000 Tk, $545 / Night/Full Cottage
Golf view Cottages
(5 × 2 = 10) Rooms
10,000 Tk, $115 / NIGHT
Lakeside Cottage
(7 × 2 = 14) Rooms
15,000 Tk, $165 / NIGHT

Our features and amenities

Enrich your venue for a corporate events experience with our extensive features and amenities. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, unwind at the Organic Thai Spa, or engage in team-building activities at the adventure camp. Our resort facilities, including a fitness center, golf club, and lakeside views, provide a perfect balance of work and leisure.


  • Luxury Cottages
  • Multi-cuisine All Day Dining (ADD)
  • Pastry & Juice Bar
  • Rooftop BBQ
  • Thai Organic Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spacious Banquet
  • 24-hour Fitness Center


  • In-villa Welcome Drinks
  • Mineral Water Bottles
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • In-room Tea/Coffee Facility
  • Free Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
  • Free Swimming Pool Usage
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Luxury Cottages

Customized services and activities

Personalize your corporate event with our range of services and activities. From in-villa welcome drinks to guided tours,destination weddings,adventure camps, and themed social events, we ensure every detail contributes to a memorable and productive occasion.



  • Boating
  • Angling
  • Golf
  • Horse Riding
  • Rope Sliding
  • Cycling
  • Tree Climbing
  • Kite Competition
  • Rafting
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Culinary delights of Dera Resort & Spa

Delight your participants with exceptional dining experiences. Our dining room, rooftop BBQ, and signature restaurant offer a diverse array of culinary options, including fresh seafood and grilled meats, complemented by a nonalcoholic bar serving international refreshments.

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